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About Us
Welcome to Pima Find-a-Ride! Pima Find-a-Ride is a directory of transportation options for the general public, people with disabilities, and older adults who want access to reliable transportation in the greater Tucson region beyond the private vehicle. This Web site will help you find transportation options for getting to work, running errands, going to medical appointments or just getting around. 

Use the Find-a-Ride Tool to help locate the most appropriate transportation provider to fit your needs. Or search the Provider Directory to learn more about the many different transportation providers in the greater Tucson region. Non-profit organizations and their staff also can use this Web site. Case managers may sit down with their clients and help them find transportation options. Non-profit organizations in need of transportation services for groups or individual clients can find transportation providers who may provide rides for free or at cost.
About PAG
Pima Association of Governments (PAG) is a non-profit metropolitan planning organization with Transportation Planning, Environmental Planning, Energy Planning and Technical Services divisions. These divisions coordinate efforts with all the local jurisdictions in Pima County, and with the Pascua Yaqui Tribe and Tohono O’odham Nation. 

As part of its regional coordination efforts, Arizona Department of Transportation has tasked PAG with increasing coordination among recipients of the Federal Transit Administration’s 5310 grant and public transportation providers. PAG created this Web site as part of its work to improve transportation options for older adults and people with disabilities. A variety of transportation providers in the region assisted in the development of Pima Find-a-Ride including Sun Tran, Sun Van, Sun Shuttle, Pima Council on Aging, Total Transit, Marana Health Center and Town of Oro Valley. Learn more about PAG’s role in this Web site on the FAQ page or on our Web site at www.pagnet.org.

Contact information: (520)792-1093 Copyright Pima Association of Governments. This Web site is intended for informational purposes only. PAG and the transportation providers listed on the Web site do not claim responsibility for errors or omissions in the information provided.